Das Offene Atelier
Der Raum für die Seele
Clients express their own views and experiences regarding the atelier
Mister X.

I'm able to come here regularly, have some space to try out the various colours and see how they affect me. I experiment with structure and colour. I get help when I feel unsure and I'm able to ask the others, you, Ms Scholz-Zerres or Mister Hett.

I can also just sit down, have a coffee, have a chat or do nothing. I have the possibility to try out everything: colours, different painting materials, it's all here. The others give me ideas and inspiration. Here I can learn to deal with my perfectionism. I can do well but don't have to be perfect.

Mister Y.

I have got a lot of leisure time now which is sometimes hard to deal with but the atelier gives me something to do. It is a type of relationship to my inner self. It's great fun. In fact I used to be artistic in the past. The atelier is good for me. I can try out all sorts of things with all possible colours. I can learn to deal with myself and I like the regularity of it.

Mister K.

Here in the atelier I have the possibility to do something rather than being referred to a psychiatric unit. To be shut up in an institution is not humane. Here there is freedom that I can create as I like, a good atmosphere, one has space. Everything is here to do as one pleases.

It's like a real gift to me. At first I couldn't fathom what the atelier was all about and didn't want to go there. But then I became highly enthusiastic about it and integrated it into my life. Now I don't have to do paintings in my kitchen any more. The feedback I get from the other participants is very important.

My life has more meaning and in the end it's about getting a grip on your own life. The way I used to live before scares me. I don't want to live in the psychiatric unit because one sits around all day and the time you spend there is wasted. I had totally lost my zest for life. Now I am very grateful to have my own apartment. I want to leave something behind in the world. I see more meaning in my life and I don't want to waste my time. The time you have in life is limited. I want to give my life meaning, that is crucial to me.

The atelier gives my life meaning.

Mister Z.

Für mich bedeutet hierher zu kommen nicht alleine zu sein, einen Weg nach draußen zu finden, andere zu treffen. Dem Inneren Ausdruck zu geben, das Leben neu zu gestalten..Die Farben im Außen zu sehn, die im Inneren gar nicht da sind. Im Innern und nach außen die Innenanteile durchs Malen zuzulassen.

Ms X.

To me the atelier is an anchor during the week. It gives me space and time for myself. It also gives me the possibility to express myself in a manner in which I'd hardly be able to express myself in words. It helps me to develop my artistic abilities further.

To express myself in this manner helps me bring order to my inner self and it helps me to find the potential for growth within. I work and at the same time I'm doing something that I enjoy ever so much. It's doing something in harmony with myself. What I find special here is the support in so many ways: morally and artistically. Also, participants support and enrich each other with their own life stories.